Types of images recognized: jpg, png, gif and svg.
Some kindles only accept jpg and gif. In this case, png and svg pictures are converted to jpg.
Svg images are vector based, which means they can be resized as much as needed without getting aliasing. Epub readers can display svg images.
Images are never resized by the converter. It is your choice to resize them. This allows you to control the quality and appearance of each picture, and make sure it is compressed in the most optimal way.
Parameters recognized:
  • Anchor: “To Paragraph” or “As Character” (left button on image.)
    “To Paragraph” places the image between two paragraphs.
    “As Character” inserts the image inside the text, between words. This can be used for lluminated drop caps.
  • Alignment (right click on picture, Alignment)
    Vertical or horizontal.
    Horizontal alignment is only available for “To Paragraph” anchored images.
  • Wrap. Two options: “none” or "optimal".
    On recent ereaders, text can be wrapped around the image for left and right aligned images. On older kindles, wrapping text around pictures doesn't work, so there is only one line of text beside the image.
  • Spacing (top, left, right, and bottom) is converted.
Captions are displayed correctly below the pictures.
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